ASP Sealing after establishing & consolidating its operations in weather-strip segment has ventured into manufacturing & marketing of Industrial Rubber Hose as well as low pressure hydraulic hoses. ASP Hoses have been designed on reliability engineering to ensure high quality, long life & endurance limits as required by recognized standards IT COMMITTED TO EXELLENCE.



Flowline Pneumatic Tool Hose (IS-446, Type-2Plus)
Flowline Rock Drill Hose (Is-446, Type-3Plus)
Flowline Heavy Duty Air/Water Hose (Is-446, Type-1& IS-444, Type-2 Plus)
Flowline Car Washing Hose (IS-444, Type -3B Plus)
Flowline Super Spray Hose (IS-1677, Type-3A Plus)
Flowline Petrol Hose(Is-2396 plus)
Flowline Steam Hose (BS 5122 Type-2 Plus)
Flowline Welding Hose (IS-447 Plus)
Flowline Chemical Hose (IS-7654,Type-1 Plus)
Powertrak Hydraulic Hose  R3 Hose
Powertrak Hydraulic Hose  R6 Hose